The project Innovative Training Settings for the Self-Development of Emerging Artists INSIDES addresses young adults thanks to the participatory tool of Contemporary Street Art, supporting their growth and offering a useful context for active citizenship to express imagination and creativity. INSIDES provides specific skills useful to learn how to produce, to promote and to manage artistic activities as well, with the wish to contribute to the creation of a European “artistic citizenship” able to manifest its creative potential. The project is also aimed at young aspiring artists, who also wish to become producers and promoters of art and culture.

INSIDES addresses the targets through an informal and non-formal educational method: the production of original Street Art, whose phases coincide with the educational setting, will be a learning environment based on creative skills, multi-agent strategies and on the dynamic-experiential approach, stimulating political participation as well. INSIDES will implement useful educational strategies to extend the skills of trainers and educators, providing an integrated teaching-learning method for the Fine Arts with innovative languages and transformative experiences, emphasizing the explicit educational power of participatory processes.

The partners involved are organizations active in the field of cultural heritage enhancement, informal education and innovative educational modules for young adults, but also in the field of the production of artistic and musical events and, lastly, in the field of the innovation of the educative strategies through technology. The partnership builds up a dialogue between Southern and Northern Europe too: Italy and Greece, two of the three countries involved, look at the experience of the English partner in order to translate in a transnational way the British underground urban creativity, which has been marked by youth and proactive participation that has thoroughly redesigned English cities over the last decades. The partnership has been established by bringing together apparently distant contexts, thanks to the inclusive capacity of artistic language and the common experiences related to Creativity and Education. Each intellectual output is an innovative tool to promote the young artists involved and to enhance the territories of activity, supporting the growth of new entrepreneurial mindsets to foster communities and culture. INSIDES will work on specific suburbs and deprived urban areas for the artistic intervention: forgotten urban contexts which, thanks to art and proactive involvement, will become more sustainable.