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Idrisi Multiplier Event

On Monday 16 January 2023 Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo ETS hosted the fourth and last partnership meeting of the Erasmus+ KA227 INSIDES project, a path of rivitalization – of people, places, communities beyond the pandemic – through public and participatory art. The fourth and last TPM took place in Palermo, Italy. The delegates of our lead partner Puntoeacapo Concerti, GoMad Concerti, Innovation Frontiers and, remotely, of Beatbuzz attended the event. During the meeting, the four project outputs were presented: the results of the numerous street art workshops carried out between Italy and the United Kingdom, as well as the research and the handbook to support educators and youth workers on Street Art and Creative Pedagogies. The partnership also reviewed, in detail, the state of the App-Digital Archive, designing together its future and final shape. The docufilm “Insides”, edited by Idrisi and Puntoeacapo, is also being prepared and completed and its materials have been showcased to the remaining partnership. Great participation and enthusiasm for the multiplier event of Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo ETS in Misilmeri, on the 27th of July 2023 in Misilmeri (Palermo, Italy). The Multiplier Event served also as formal presentation of of the ‘Mural of Legality’ in synergy with the local municipality, represented by its mayor and other local institutions. Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo ETS presented an additional contribution of street art and support for urban regeneration strategies through civic participation and public arts. 

This contribution, created by Misilmeri artists, and in general, the dialogue with the municipality, is the last artistic product of Insides, our ErasmusPlus KA227 project coordinated by Puntoeacapo Concerti, in partnership with GoMad Concerti, Innovation Frontiers, and Beatbuzz. The goal of Insides, for two years, has been to promote and lead the creation of public artworks in often deprived areas, working closely with suburbs and rural centers, from Bagheria to the Cristina Hospital in Palermo, to the Librino district in Catania, and even the outskirts of London.

This Italian Multiplier Event event was, for our partnership, an opportunity to multiply and spread the importance of civic participation and contemporary urban arts to enable the realization of urban redevelopment projects that can, at the same time, serve as broader processes of regeneration, education, and awareness for the entire community.