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INSIDES Kick-off

The Project Innovative Training Settings for the Self-Development of emerging artists INSIDES is aimed at young adults and focused on participatory Street Art, for the growth of beneficiaries and to offer a meaningful context for imagination and creativity.

INSIDES is a path of educational and training enhancement: the production of Street Art involves young adults, stimulates their creative and social potential, at risk due to the Covid19 pandemic, providing specific skills for the production, dissemination and management of artistic activities.

A young European artistic citizenship that fully expresses its creative attitudes, for the cultural and economic development of its communities. The two-year project is built as an informal and non-formal educational methodological path: a production of original Street Art in Italy, the United Kingdom and Greece, whose production phases coincide with the training setting, a learning place based on creative skills, multi-agent strategies and a dynamic experiential approach, which also stimulates the political participation of young adults in a responsible way.

INSIDES’s settings are a daily creative place, an experiential and dynamic continuity, able to stimulate the growth of forms of micro-entrepreneurship for creativity, sociability and cultural tourism.

The project units will support the beneficiaries so that they are autonomous in becoming producers of cultural content, through the languages ​​of participatory socio-cultural animation.

Co-Financed by the Erasmus+ Programme (Strategic Partnerships for Creativity KA227) of the European Commission, coordinated by Puntoeacapo Srl (IT), INSIDES involves as Partners Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo (IT), Beatbuzz Ltd (UK), GoMad Concerti (IT), Innovation Frontiers IKE (GR)

INSIDES Intellectual Output #2Setting for the contemporary urban arts: educative modules and mural-paintings’ production: the 1st Workshop in Italy (June 2021, Bagheria, Italy)

INSIDES Output #2 is a training course for the creation and production of Street Art, whose preparation phases provide young adults and beneficiaries with key skills for professional activities dedicated to the production, promotion and management of artistic and cultural activities.

A participatory and experiential creative experience aimed at deepening the knowledge of artistic scenarios, but also at strengthening human and relational skills and elements of cultural identity. The result of the path will be a cycle of 22 original Street Art products (15 in Italy and 7 in the UK).

The choice of Street Art both as an innovative training setting and as an original artistic-cultural product is due to the numerous qualities of this specific contemporary for of art: Mural Paintings are a form of public art with high participation that stimulates the “sense of place”: to strengthen of the link between places and individuals.

GoMad Concerti (IT) has launched the Italian creative setting with the involvement of beneficiaries aged between 16 and 30 (Metropolitan Area of ​​Palermo, Bagheria): training on art entrepreneurship and cultural micro-entrepreneurship, urban creativity and regeneration potential. The result of the preliminary workshops will flow into a mapping of the themes and subjects of INSIDES‘ original Street Art products.

INSIDES Intellectual Output #2Setting for the contemporary urban arts: educative modules and mural-paintings’ production: the 1st Workshop in the United Kingdom (July 2021, London, UK)

INSIDES Output #2 is also a dialogue between Southern and Northern Europe: Italy and Greece, two of the three countries involved, looked at the experience of the English partner Beatbuzz Ltd with the desire to translate forms of British urban creativity transnationally: Youth and community participation mediated by a poetic of attention that has thoroughly redesigned English cities over the last few decades.

INSIDES’ Street Art products unites apparently distant contexts (London, Bagheria – Metropolitan Area of Palermo) thanks to the inclusive capacity of artistic language and the common interest in young adults and local suburbs. The participatory setting promoted by Beatbuzz Ltd will combine contemporary urban creativity and the participation of young artists with the culture charity and the regeneration of the suburbs through the arts.

The first INSIDES workshop in the United Kingdom was held over several days in July 2021 (London, UK), sharing priorities and themes with the Italian Partner:

1) value of participatory urban art and the potential for regeneration of the peripheral areas

2) sociocultural animation as a medium for active citizenship, especially due to the effects of the covid19 epidemic on everyday life

3) definition of themes and places for future Mural Paintings in London The preliminary workshops of INSIDES Output #2 respond to project needs: examples of non-formal and informal education through innovative languages and transformative experiences, capable of emphasizing the explicit educational power of participatory processes.

Involvment of beneficiaries: young adults, emerging artists, proactive community, deprived suburb

INSIDES is already at work in deprived urban areas: suburbs of often forgotten European cities which, thanks to both art and the involvement of young adults and communities, can become more sustainable, contributing to the well-being of the area.

INSIDES, a multifunctional action that aims to promote the individual and professional growth of young adults, who have suffered a lot due to the Covid 19 pandemic, wishes to have a positive impact on specific peripheral realities (London, UK; Bagheria, Palermo and other Sicilian peripheral realities, Italy).

All the INSIDES Outputs and in particular Output #2 will be addressed, in two years, to young adults interested in contemporary urban art, art and culture entrepreneurship, territorial and peripheral regeneration for a total of 80 – 90 beneficiaries in London, Bagheria, Palermo and Catania.INSIDES will also provide for the involvement of 20 senior beneficiaries over 65, to encourage new sociability and transgenerational dialogue.

INSIDES Intellectual Output #1Contemporary Street Art Theory & Products – L’arte pubblica: the 1st draft (Italy, United Kingdom)

INSIDES Output #1, coordinated by partner Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo (IT) along with Puntoeacapo Srl (Lead, IT) e Beatbuzz Ltd (UK), will provide young adult beneficiaries with a full and aware knowledge base about urban public contemporary art.

Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo (IT) started the draft of Output #1, a tool to guarantee a first cognitive approach in favor of the project beneficiaries, which will facilitate the acquisition of the content of the training and experiential modules provided during the implementation of the Output #2.

The Desk Research will investigate the specific aspects of the History of Street Art and of urban and contemporary public art: from subversive and anti-system vandalism to a vehicle of aesthetic experience, up to galleries and museums.

Case studies from graffiti to the consecration of urban art in galleries and museums will be analyzed. The political-communicative power of forms of Artistic Activism will be addressed, for example on the theme of AIDS during the eighties and nineties, with attention to the political-aesthetic effectiveness of other mixed, memorial, performative activities.

INSIDES Intellectual Output #3Mobile OER-e-learnining materials – interactive audiovisual catalog (Greece)

INSIDES Output #3 is an innovative App with e-learning functionality, which will contain the digital catalog of the original Street Art works produced by the young adult beneficiaries.

Innovation Frontiers IKE (GR), lead of Output #3, will produce a digital resource optimized to contain all training and educational implementation materials.

An autonomous archive of mobile-friendly training contents to increase the dissemination capacity and to reach the highest number of users. The e-learning materials will be categorized and structured so that they are immediately accessible and easy to use.

Innovation Frontiers IKE launched Output #3 by preparing logos and a preliminary web platform, which will host all INSIDES artistic and intellectual products, news and future appointments, along with the App.

On 23 July 2021, the entire partnership met online to define the summer time schedule: workshops, preparatory creative productions, desk research, questionnaires and surveys to collect a direct feedback from beneficiaries. The evaluation and survey tools are developed by Puntoeacapo Srl, Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo and Beatbuzz Ltd.