The First Output is an Analysis, Study and Research: “Contemporary Street Art Theory & Products”. The Intellectual Output, coordinated by Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo, draws inspiration from the contents and objectives of the five-year plan of the “European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience “and wishes to provide a contribution for the development of new approaches capable of making education and training more modern, interesting, flexible and suitable for the digital era, but also to acquire the main instances of contemporary art theory, with a focus on Street Art. The analysis will compare the main theories focused on the forms and receptions of artistic participation, with reference to concrete installations and practices in Italy and in the United Kingdom, addressing contaminations and the aesthetic of public places. The first module will facilitate the acquisition of the content of the training and experiential activities provided during the implementation of the Second Output. The political-communicative power of Urban Art will be addressed thanks to a wide corpus of examples. The research will also address the political-aesthetic power of other mixed, memorial and creative contemporary activities: Artistic Activism which fosters active citizenship, starting from the resonant experience of the NAMES Project (AIDS Memorial Quilt).

The Second Output Setting for the contemporary urban arts: educative modules and mural-paintings’ production is an inclusive training course focused on the production, promotion and management of artistic and cultural activities, especially exhibits and digital art. IO 2, coordinated by GoMad, proposes activities that combine creativity and cultural knowledge through the direct participation of the beneficiaries. The training units are offered in an informal, dynamic-experiential and immersive way: the training setting coincides with the Street Art production itself, based in several Italian and British suburbs. The workshops will develop 15 Street Art Products in Italy and 7 in London. The training modules for art and culture and the learning strategies implemented are aimed at educators and trainers as well. The educative materials produced will be useful and innovative kits to guide and motivate young adults towards creativity, culture and active citizenship. 

The Third Output Mobile OER-e-learning materials – interactive audiovisual catalog is an innovative e-learning App, which also contains the digital catalog of original Street Art Products of INSIDES. The App, developed by Innovation Frontiers, will contain all the training and educational materials for young adults related to the fields of art and culture and implemented thanks to IO 1 and IO 2. The App is therefore an online e-learning platform for potential new target groups, in order to ensure full access to training resources implemented. It will be an autonomous repository of mobile-friendly training contents to increase the dissemination capacity and to reach the highest number of users. THE e-learning materials will be categorized and structured so that they are immediately accessible and easy to use. The structure of the App also dedicates ample space to the originals contemporary works of art proposed, composing itself as an innovative interactive digital catalog along with its e-learning functionality.

The Fourth Output Handbook & Atlas & Docufilm, coordinated by Puntoeacapo, is a product which fosters teaching and educative methods providing an overview of the results of INSIDES, starting from its first steps in Italy and in the United Kingdom. Its main objective is to facilitate the transfer of the model to other organizations, regions and countries. The Handbook, along with the original docufilm, will provide an organic elaboration of the dynamic-experiential training units, focused on new and immersive educational strategies. IO 4 will also contain a catalog demo of the Street Art Products.