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Painting and Street Art Workshop

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The painting and street art workshop is an initiative promoted and organized by GoMad Concerti on 27.07.2022 within the framework of the European project INSIDES, provided for the realization of an art workshop aimed at teaching the basics of painting on canvas to two groups made up of young and old people, exploiting art as a creative key capable of destroying age stereotypes by activating a channel of connection between generations anagraphically distant from each other.
The painting is street art workshop was led by Monica Vitellaro, an artist from Palermo who, after finishing her studies, began working in the field of handcrafted decoration of objects. Her creations are exhibited to the public in her own showroom in Ficarazzi (PA).
The workshop took place at the Small Urban Park in the Serradifalco senior residence. A simple landscape painting was chosen as the subject to work on, which the participants were able to observe through the canvas sample made by the artist.
The tools chosen for the realization of the painting were acrylic paints and brushes.
To facilitate the realization, the project was divided into several phases.
In the first phase we focused on making the sky, sea and clouds. The second phase involved painting the ground and a tree.
The main intent of artist Monica Vitellaro was to entertain the elderly. In fact, when doing such a project, technique takes a back seat. The important thing is to get to know the person in front of you, make them feel at ease and thus put them in a position to enjoy themselves.
The intent was fully achieved during the workshop, in fact turning into two hours of pure fun and lightheartedness for the group of seniors who participated.
The experience was highly formative for the artist herself, who said she experienced it as personally enriching. The workshop fully achieved its intent, showing how at any age one can get involved and discover hidden talents.