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Puntoeacapo Multiplier Event

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On November 24, 2022, the first multiplier event of our INSIDES project took place in the Magla Hall of the Pestalozzi Comprehensive Institute in Catania. The event was organized, promoted, and implemented by Puntoeacapo Srl. The morning was marked by a significant participation from students, teachers, educators, institutions, and especially operators from cultural associations. The objective was indeed to make the multiplier event a moment of dissemination for the community, showcasing not only the project’s products – especially the street art works already created between Italy and the United Kingdom – but also the working method and approach to urban regeneration and the outskirts that have characterized the project process from the beginning. A special thanks goes to the Pestalozzi Institute and its management, which already hosted our Mural created for INSIDES by Alice Valenti, publicly inaugurated precisely for the occasion, as well as the Librinoattivo Committee, the delegation of Ortisti from the Urban Garden of S. Teodoro, the choir “La Forza del Sorriso,” Fabio Scuto, I Briganti ASD Onlus – Librino.

Our partners also participated as speakers in the multiplier event, both in person and online: Beatbuzz Ltd, GoMad Concerti, Idrisi Cultura e Sviluppo ETS.