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United Kingdom’s Workshops by Beatbuzz Ltd – Summer 2021

Beatbuzz Ltd initiated in Summer 2021 the creative co-design implementations in a very distinctive location, far from the postcard-perfect London: three municipal housing estates located in and around Crystal Palace, in the southern part of the great metropolis. These three complexes have a distinct name and peripheral identity: Central Hill, Kingswood, and St. Hughes.
They are three different types of condominiums in terms of size and typology, with common characteristics and unique features. This initial laboratory work allowed the partnership operators to have a closer understanding of the potential community, social, and creative meanings that INSIDES could have during the implementation period. The goal has been to develop a significant non formal methodology deeply linked to the characteristics and issues related to Central Hill, Kingswood, and St. Hughes, reflecting on the notion of periphery, in order, later on, to offer new perspectives useful for the Italian intervention settings of IO#2.

Also thanks to the administered questionnaires and the numerous, involved target group, the UK’s first implementation signed the true beginning of our IO#2.