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Workshop Crystal Palace 15th July 2021

Following the fist workshop held in the nearby Central Hill Estate, Beatbuzz ran a similar workshop in the Kingswood Estate in Crystal Palace, South London the following day, on the 15th of July 2021. The third Estate chosen for this first series of workshop is the St. Hughes Estate that will host the final workshop in August.
Three different sizes and types of estates with Central Hill being a brutalist construction of maisonettes houses right next to the Crystal Palace town centre; Kingswood Estate is a more traditional series of blocks of flats in the outskirt of the centre and St. Hughs being a more modern estate in the more southern area of Crystal Palace.
Although different, these housing estates have one main common characteristic, the whole have a large common area, either a green or a sport’s court and they all have a very active community centre in the middle of the estate that works really hard to be a point of reference for the local community of residents. 

With the support of the local community estate and a local street artist, Beatbuzz produced another workshop centred around sharing the artist’s experience to work as introduction to street art, covering the various aspects around the creation of public art as well as covering the roles and the careers around this, from the involvement of the local authorities, owners of building, the financial side and the role and involvement of the artist outside of the mere creation of the workshops.
We also talked about street art and more in general being an artist as a full time career and various options that the artist leading the workshop has had. 

A great response was had with a good number of people reached within the target group, with around 10/12 people participating as well as a younger and older crowd of curious residents.