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Workshop Crystal Palace 20th August

After the first two workshops held in July, Beatbuzz went back to the Central Hill Estate with another workshop on the 20th of August 2021 to follow up on the previous workshop and expand on the topics touched in July as well as opening it to residents who couldn’t attend the first event. 

The workshops haven’t been publicly advertised outside of the estates where they were taking place with the objective to be of service to the local community and to target aspiring local artists and overall local residents interested in the arts. The workshops have been supported by the local residents and the local community centres who helped spread the word in the local community.

The workshops were attended by a decent number of people, some involved directly who were willing to fill in surveys, answer questions and overall get involved. We also saw a number of local residents outside of the target group of the project that approached out of curiosity and ended up staying for the whole duration.