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Workshop Crystal Palace 22nd August 2021

The final workshop of this first series produced by Beatbuzz Ltd in Crystal Palace, South London, was held on the 22nd of August 2021 in the St. Hughs Estate, in the southern part of the area. An estate of more recent construction but, as mentioned, although different, these housing estates have one main common characteristic, they all have a large common area, either a green or a sport’s court and they all have a very active community centre in the middle of the estate working really hard to be a point of reference for the local community of residents. 

Following a year of on and off lockdowns we wanted to offer a chance to the local residents to gather in their estates’ courtyards and community centres in the respect of the covid restrictions of the moment. Due to some Covid 19 restrictions still in place, although moderate, the workshops have been mostly artist and moderator lead but they functioned as a first phase which will be followed in the new year by a series of workshops that will lead us into the production of individual and collective artworks and a large mural. 

In order to plan these workshops Beatbuzz took a sample of 3 large estates where they wanted to offer workshops to the residents interested in street art and the various aspects of the discipline, the tools, the principles, the history and the entrepreneurial side, bringing first hand experiences from artists and curators that turned street art and culture into their livelihood. 

The workshop have all seen a street artist talking through the creative process, the tools required and how art can bring  mental health benefits, income, and regeneration in more deprived areas. Beatbuzz wanted to introduce all the players in the street, community and public art, highlighting the importance of each one.

The results were very satisfying with an average of 10 to 12 people within the target group attending for each one of the 5 workshops. Two locations, Central Hill and Kingswood saw 2 different workshops taking place which were attended by new residents who couldn’t attend the first.