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Workshops Crystal Palace 21st August 2021

After a double run in Central Hill Estate, Beatbuzz produced the second workshop in the Kingswood Estate the following day, on the 21st of July 2021, once again to expand on the topic touched in the first event and to open it to new attendees from the local area. As per the previous events, the workshops haven’t been publicly advertised outside of the estates where they were taking place with the objective to be of service to the local community and to target aspiring local artists and overall local residents interested in the arts. The workshops have been supported by the local residents and the local community centres who helped spread the word in the local community.

The workshops, lead by Daniele Tagliaferro from Beatbuzz and by the street artist A Dee, have been split in a first more theoric part and in a second half that has seen the artist producing a series of artworks following created following the suggestions of the attendees, responding to the question: 
What is community and collaborative art in one word?

The answers varied in the 5 different workshops and included: 
Unity – Colour – Rainbow – Music – Beats – Freedom – Friendship – Multicultural – Neighbourhood – Freestyle

The attendees then picked the colours and the artist proceeded to create the various artworks whilst talking about the creative process and all the other topics mentioned such as the roles and the careers around street art, from the involvement of the local authorities, owners of building, the financial side and the role and involvement of the artist outside of the mere creation of the workshops.